FABIO ZUFFANTI Il mondo che era mio - Live in studio 2014 (Crossover Prog, 2014)

Review by Matti — This excellent release was completely without reviews... Bassist, vocalist and composer Fabio
Zuffanti has worked in numerous Italian prog bands, the best known of them are Finisterre,
Höstsonaten and La Maschera di Cera. Such an impressive CV! In 2014 he formed a touring band
("Zuffanti & Zband") to perform music from the albums of these bands plus from his solo releases. A
proper live album didn't materialize, and so, after the tour was finished, Zuffanti took his group
into a studio (just before the guitarist was about to leave the country for studies in Spain) and
made a live album without the participation of the audience. Some listeners may think that a
live-in-the-studio is a fake compromise, but I enjoy this 68-minute disc very much. The sound is
faultless and it does have a live feel. Who needs the applauses?

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PROTO-KAW Before Became After (Symphonic Prog, 2004)

Review by siLLy puPPy — The band Kansas actually had three different line-ups in the 70s with only Kerry Livgren being the sole member to transverse all the
different incarnations of the band. The band formed as far back as 1969 and went through a few cast member changes before a
second version now referred to as Kansas II emerged in the aftermath. This is the period when Livgren and company produced a
plethora of progressive leaning rock that took a cue from all the greats of the era including but limited to King Crimson, Yes, Pink
Floyd, Zappa, Deep Purple and beyond. After the positive feedback from releasing their archival "Early Recordings From Kansas
1971-1973" in 2002, the newly named PROTO-KAW felt a magical rekindling of spirits and decided to have a go at taking a stab at the
unfulfilled desires which they abandoned thirty years prior. Due to legal restrictions on how the trademarked band name Kansas
could be used, the band cleverly found a way of telling the story all in the context of legal loopholes. PROTO (original) plus KAW
(name of the Native American tribe also referred to as Kanza or Kansa) produced a name that had an exact equivalency and finally
at long last despite most members not even being in contact with each other for three decades cleverly named their debut album of
completely new music BEFORE BECAME AFTER.

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Podcast 120: Northern Star 6th July 2017

Northern Star   060717


Northern Star  Pallas Theme

  • Be-Bop Deluxe – Ships in the Night
  • Blue Oyster Cult – Burning for you
  • Asia – Heat of the Moment
  • Def Leppard – Rock of ages
  • Boston – More Than a feeling
  • Disturbed – Sound of Silence
  • Elbow – One Day like This
  • Peter Gabriel – red rain
  • Phil Collins – Take me home
  • Procul Harum – Conquistador
  • David bowie – The jean Genie
  • Rainbow – All Night long
  • Pink Floyd – Keep Talking
  • BJH – Life is for living
  • Renaissance – Northern Lights
  • Saint Etienne – Over The border
  • The Police Invisible Sun
  • Steven Wilson – permanating
  • The Buggles – Clean clean
  • Yes – City of Love
  • Bronski Beat – Small Town Boy
  • Genesis – Abacab
  • SAHB – Boston Tea party
  • Steve Hillage – All too much
  • Sky – Toccata
  • Talk Talk – Today
  • Tears for fears – Mad world
  • Supertramp – Even in The quietest Moments
  • Rush – New world man
  • ELO Turn to Stone

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MARILLION Script For A Jester's Tear (Neo-Prog, 1983)

Review by VianaProghead — Review Nº 128

"Script For A Jester's Tear" is the debut studio album of Marillion and was released in 1983. The album was released
after their fantastic EP "Market Square Heroes" with also "Three Boats From The Candy" and on the B side with their
great epic "Grendel". The line up on the album is Derek Dick "Fish" (vocals), Steve Rothery (guitars), Mark Kelly
(keyboards), Pete Trewavas (bass) and Mick Pointer (drums). Beyond "Market Square Heroes", this is the only album
to feature Pointer in the group. He left Marillion to found Arena where he is still their current drummer.

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BIG BIG TRAIN The Underfall Yard (Crossover Prog, 2009)

Review by Walkscore — Sets the pattern, then rises to the BBT top

Before reviewing Grimspound, I thought it best to start with this, the archetype for the current BBT
sound. The first album with David Longdon, who would not only come to significantly characterize the
BBT sound ever since, but also become a major song-writer for the band (although not on this album,
which is 100 percent composed by Greg Spawton), this album really sets the pattern for what would
follow, all the way to the present. While I think that subsequent BBT albums follow a bit too
closely to the pattern set here on Underfall Yard (with its themes of industrial decline and decay,
the rusting out of the UK and old ways of life), I have to admit it works brilliantly here. The
lyrics have enough diversity, ambivalence and metaphor to keep them interesting (while still
sticking to the main theme), and Longdon's singing is excellent all the way through (including more
harmonies than found on later albums), even if (in my opinion) this album conjures up Genesis too
much. But the key thing is the music. I have listened to all the BBT albums since this one many many
times now, and while I first found The Underfall Yard to be too refractive of Genesis, it has risen
slowly to the top of their catalogue for me, based on the quality of the music. There is not a bad
song on the album ("Last Train" is the weakest, but I never skip it), and the album contains some of
the strongest BBT compositions in their repertoire. "Victorian Brickwork" and the title track in
particular are standouts, and have become essential to their live shows. The album is more refined,
consistent, and efficient than the (excellent) English Electric album(s), and consistently maintains
interest better than (say) Folklore. This is the album against which I now judge all subsequent BBT
albums. While I agree that later albums have helped them refine even more their own sound, without
as much obvious Genesis influence, I think the quality of composition on this one makes it their top
studio album. I give it 9.0 out of 10 on my 10-point scale, which is just enough to garner it 5 PA

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Sounds That Can Be Made #102

Edition 102 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Alan Reed – Cross My Palm (from Honey on the Razors Edge)
Comedy of Errors – A Moment’s Peace (from House of the Mind)
Mauricio Ibáñez – This Word Called Love (from Melancholia)
Steven Wilson – Song of I (feat. Sophie Hunger) (from To The Bone)
Gary Numan – My Name Is Ruin (from Savage)

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ABSOLUUTTINEN NOLLAPISTE Seitsemäs Sinetti (Prog Related, 2003)

Review by Mortte — This album has same great quality as the some other great Abso-albums (Muovi Antaa Periksi, Suljettu, Olos, Nimi Muutettu, Mahlanjuoksuttaja and Pisara ja Lammas 1 & 2). After making quite prog concept album Suljettu Absoluutinen Nollapiste released more pop album Olos. In Nimi Muutettu there are slightly more prog elements and in this album there are even more. Keyboardplayer Janne Hast was just a quest in this album, but his part in this album is quite remarkable.
"Kerro Ketä Ajattelit" (=tell me who you were thinking) begins album really prog way and powerfully. There are calm, beautiful part in the middle of the song. Hast is playing hammond sounding organ very great way. Next "Viikon Perehtymisjakso" (=one week familiarizing period) has hewing beat, but very beautiful chorus with slide guitar playing. "Täytyy Muistaa" (=I have to remember) is funky piece that also has quite beautiful chorus. "Tyynyn Kääntöpuoli" (=the Other side of the pillow) is the strangest piece in this album, it reminds more Mew than Abso. "Parta"(=beard) is short instrumental industrial noise piece. Jarrutan (=I slow down) is also funky pieces, but has very Genesis-sounding guitars. "Käsitys Lastenlapsista" (=my idea of my grandchildren) is very beautiful song including only keyboards and violin behind vocals. "Mustaa Ei Ole" (=There is no black colour) has very great, quite dark atmosphere. There is also short solo piece that reminds Pekka Pohjola`s works. This lenghtiest song has also really prog ending where every member of the band does their best. But progmusic continues very great way in next "Kultainen Leikkaus" (=Golden Ratio). It has some Wigwam in it, that has given influences to Abso. Keyboards make great work in this piece. "Nummirock" (=Heathrock) is very melodic piece including again great keyboard playing from Hast. Instrumental ending "Sinetti" (=Seal) is one of the greatest piece in this album with its strong melody and female voice singing it.
You can´t say this totally prog album, but this album is just full of great music with prog elements. Really good works as a great opener to someone, who hasn´t heard anything from this band. Really hope we hear something about their coming albums soon.

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“Podcast: The Ancient One – Edition 60”

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for The Ancient One Show No 60 is now available.


1 Comedy Of Errors Tachyon (House Of The Mind)
2 Kaprekar’s Constant Hallsands (Fate Outsmarts Desire)
3 Cosmograf Hay-Man (The Hay-Man Dreams)
4 RPWL The Fisherman (Beyond Man And Time)
5 Monarch Trail Sand (Sand)
6 Comedy Of Errors House Of The Mind (House Of The Mind)
7 Steve Hackett The Musical Box ( Genesis Revisited II)
8 Argos Nursed By Giants Pt 1-5 (Argos)
9 Long Earth Children Of War (The Source)
10 Moody Blues House of Four Doors Suite (In Search Of The Lost Chord)
11 Kaipa Treasure House (Vittjar)
12 Yes Wondrous Stories (Going For The One)
13 Comedy Of Errors Ever Be The Prize (House Of The Mind)

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“Podcast: The Ancient One – Edition 58”

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for The Ancient One Show No 58 is now available.


1 Damanek Dark Sun (On Track)
2 Beggars Opera Silver Peacock Pt 1/2 (Waters Of Change)
3 Samurai Of Prog Ghost Written (On We Sail)
4 David Gilmour Where We Start (On An Island)
5 Pymlico Broken Glass (Meeting Point)
6 Fruupp Graden Lady (Seven Secrets)
7 Samurai Of Prog On We Sail (On We Sail)
8 Genesis The Battle of Epping Forest (Selling England By The Pound)
9 Infringement Adolescence (Adolescence)
10 Kaipa Our Silent Ballroom Band (Vittjar)
11 Martin Orford Grand Designs (The Old Road)
12 Moon Safari Bluebells (Blomljud)
13 Riversea Eden (Out Of An Ancient World)
14 Squackett Tall Ships (A Life Within A Day)
15 Pilgrym Circus Of The Absurd (Pilgrimage)
16 A Secret River A Place To Start (Colours of Solitude)
17 Jethro Tull Baker Street Muse (Minstrel In The Gallery)

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