Ghostly Beard - Infinite

Ghostly Beard - Infinite

1. Close Your Eyes  5:59 
2. Frozen in Time  4:08 
3. No Return   5:17 
4. Limitless*   5:14 
5. Winter Dance  3:44 

All songs, music and lyrics ©2017 Patrick Talbot 
All instruments and vocals by Patrick Talbot 
Recorded and mixed by Patrick Talbot at GB Studio, Montreal, Canada * Except Limitless, recorded at GB Studio, Montreal, Canada,     
Mixed by Andrew Gosden at Coldroom Studio, Brisbane, Australia 
Mastered by Adrian Jenkinson at Hairy Monster Studio, Hull, UK 
Cover photography courtesy of Jacob W. Frank Cover
Design by Stephanie Delisle, Plutôt Design 

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Gandalf's Fist - 'Shadowborn' Nominated for Video of the year (Prog Awards 2017)

Gandalf's Fist - Shadowborn

Published on May 21, 2016 Shadowborn (from "The Clockwork Fable")

UK Medieval Space rock Pioneers, Gandalf’s Fist have shared with us ("The Travellers") their brilliant video 'Shadowborn'.
'Shadowborn' has been nominated in the "Video of the year" category of the Prog Awards 2017!
If you like the video, you can vote for it here:

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'Dreamless' - Interview with David Foster and Yatim Halimi

David Foster - 'Dreamless'
3.New York Rain 
4.Black Sunrise 
7.You Have No New Messages 
10.Counting Clouds 
11.Morphine Sleep 

Released April 25, 2016 

David Foster, Al Unsworth, Dinet Poortman, Anne-Marie Helder, Steven Rothery, Yatim Halimi, Leon Parr, Stuart Browne, Riccardo Romano, Jonathan Edwards, Charlotte Evans, Matt Cohen, Sara Vernengo, Andrew ‘Wal’ Coughlan
Artwork by Antonio Seijas

About a year ago UK guitarist David Foster released his second solo  album 'Dreamless' featuring Yatim Halimi, Dinet Poortman, Steve Rothery, Lean Parr, Matt Cohen, Charlotte Evans , Anne-Marie Helder, Stuart Browne, Riccardo Romano, Jonathan Edwards, Sara Vernengo, and  Andrew 'Wal' Coughlan.  Great band, amazing music! You can check it out and buy it at

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Omni -Spiral Arms

Omni - 'Spiral Arms' (single)

Released April 16, 2017 

Omni is:
Chris Cullman - Warr guitar, synths 
Patrick Allen - Guitars 
Will Andrews - Drums 

Recorded at Studio Litho, Seattle WA 
Engineered and mixed by Don Gunn 
Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering, Seattle WA

Press Release courtesy of Omni: 

“ Spiral Arms” is the first new recording from OMNI in nearly a decade. This will be included on an upcoming instrumental EP to be released late 2017 and will pique the curiosity of people who love sounds from 80’s King Crimson, Boards of Canada, Rush and melodic progressive music in general.

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Kaprekar's Constant - Fate Outsmarts Desire

Kaprekar's Constant - 'Fate Outsmarts Desire'

1. Hors d'Oeuvre 
2. Bluebird 
3. Pearl Of The Lake 
4. Hallsands 
5. Four-Faced Liar 
6. Houdini

Press Release courtesy of Kaprekar's Constant

"Uranium Club Records are very proud to present the debut album FATE
OUTSMARTS DESIRE by remarkable new Kent-based progressive rock
band Kaprekar's Constant.

The core of the band are songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Al Nicholson
and Nick Jefferson, who have written together for many years but formed this
project 18 months ago.

However, playing a major part on the album are legendary Van Der Graaf
Generator sax and flute maestro David Jackson, here united with his
daughter Dorie Jackson (Francis Dunnery) who shares vocal duties with
Crowns frontman Bill Jefferson.

Drums come from former Level 42 man Phil Gould. Playing piano and
keyboards and producing and mixing the album is TV and film composer
Mike Westergaard.

Musically, the band's melodic sensibilities, epic arrangements and love of
historical subject matter place them squarely in the same area of Prog as Big
Big Train and Genesis, indeed fans of the former band should find much to
love here, while David Jackson's inspirational sax and the mix of male and
female vocals offer mean that there are enough differences to set this 
remarkable band apart."

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