THE TANGENT Not As Good As The Book (Eclectic Prog, 2008)

Review by Walkscore — CD2 is five stars!

This double-CD concept album is where Andy Tillison really explores his creative side in writing for The Tangent. The band is similar as
on A Place in the Queue and Going Off On One, although Sam Baine has left, Julie King cameos on vocals on one tune, and Jakko
Jakszyk (who now plays with King Crimson) has replaced Krister Jonsson on guitar. On this album, it is Theo Travis whose solos really
shine, as the guitar rarely takes centre stage.

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Shape-shifting Progressive Jazz

Dusan Jevtovic – Live At Home (Moonjune, 2018)

Live At Home showcases the talent of innovative Serbian guitarist Dusan Jevtovic and his formidable band. On Live At Home, delivers a superb set of progressive jazz-rock fusion.

Spain-based Jevtovic is not a showoff guitarist. Instead he uses his guitar in multiple ways, creating a certain ambience, delivering altered walls of sound, distorted guitars, some solos and improvisations as well. His colleague, guest keyboardist Vasil Hadzimanov performs an excellent set of mesmerizing electric piano segments that at time channel Chick Corea.

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AREA Caution Radiation Area (Rock Progressivo Italiano, 1974)

Review by VianaProghead — Review Nº 158

'Caution Radiation Area' is the second studio album of Area and was released in 1974. The line up on the album is
Demetrio Stratos (vocals, organ, clavicembalo, steel drums and percussion), Giampaolo Tofani (guitar, synthesizer
and flute), Patrizio Fariselli (electric piano, piano, clarinet and synthesizer), Areas Tavolazzi (bass and trombone) and
Giulio Capiozzo (drums and percussion).

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PAIN OF SALVATION Be (Progressive Metal, 2004)

Review by mlkpad14 — Pain of Salvation was founded in 1984, by the eleven years old Daniel Gildenlöw, in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Every album
released thus far has been a concept album; from Remedy Lane (2002) to The Perfect Element, Part I (2000) and In the
Passing Light of Day (2017), the band has released a multitude of albums in the progressive metal genre. However,
their most ambitious effort to date - that is BE (2004) - transcends any genre. It is not only a great musical experience
but a major crack at ideology and philosophy. To be blunt, BE is Pain of Salvation's masterpiece, but it is also a very
challenging and rewarding album.

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KARFAGEN Messages from Afar: First Contact (Symphonic Prog, 2017)

Review by Yeshead58 — This is my first time to write a review on here as I have just joined, so for my first ever review it has to be this exciting
new album by KARFAGEN. And what a wonderful album this is!

I first heard this band 2 years ago. I was watching EUROVISION (someone has to!) when Ukraine won it and I got
curious as to what Ukraine had to offer with Prog, so I googled and Karfagen came up! I listened to a couple of songs
on YouTube and was stunned by the sheer quality of their music! My fave band is YES but I wanted some competition
and this band is awesome! I bought 3 of their CDs and their last album Spektra was brilliant! So what is the new album

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GALAHAD Seas of Change (Neo-Prog, 2018)

Review by rdtprog — This 42 minutes epic song or album started as a 7-minute piece that evolved into an extended piece
because of the flow of inspiration that hit the musician. The song starts where the band has left
with "Quiet Storms"; some melancholic passage with piano, memorable choral note, and samples taken
from film dialogue of the Great War. Then a Gilmour style guitar part kicks in from Lee Abraham back
with the band. It is followed by some heavier parts that will become a recurrent themes throughout the
whole thing. The band's music has never used so much spacey electronic effects and the keyboard
never had so much space because Dean Baker is the one who has written the music and the orchestral
arrangements. So the atmosphere of the music is different from previous albums except "Quiet
Storms". There is some nice vocals work from Stuart and some welcome flute from Sarah Bolter. This
is a modern prog album that is mixing the new and the old, the hard and the soft in a sweeping
panorama of sound that reminds me at times that I was in the heart of the atmosphere of a movie.
Naturally, this long piece is to listen as a whole and you will only want to hear more after the
short 40 minutes. We have 12 minutes more of that as bonus tracks but those songs are a continuation
of the whole story keeping the same mood of the whole epic.

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JOHN ZORN Midsummer Moons (RIO/Avant-Prog, 2017)

Review by Neu!mann — One of John Zorn's more gorgeous albums was released, appropriately, near the summer solstice of
2017: ten exquisite and sometimes quite lively acoustic guitar duets, inspired by lunar imagery in
the plays of William Shakespeare. As usual Zorn abstains from any performance credit (his greatest
talent is a generous gift for collaboration), although he did of course write all the music, and
also created the evocative collage on the inner CD flap: seaside castle ramparts and shadowy
fishermen under a veiled full moon, with a skeletal arm rising portentously out of the surf.

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Magma Concert 1971 Brussels DBL CD Remastered

Recorded at Theater 140 in Brussels on November 12, 1971, this double CD is an exceptional document in that it represents the only record of live MAGMA of that time. Featuring the musicians on the album MAGMA 2, the training interprets topics borrowed from KOBAIA and 1001° CENTIGRADES, the first two releases by the group. The album also presents – and this is the most interesting aspect of this recording – two titles then in the making: “SOWILOI,” where Teddy LASRY demonstrates his great talent as a flutist, and “MEKANIK KOMMANDOH,” played for the first time in public, in a version much more developed than that engraved, three months earlier, on the compilation POWER 13 + 2.

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